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Order Print Copies Gravity
True For You But Not For Me

We Are Out of Print Copies. We encourage you to focus on offering the free e-book version to family, friends, church body, FaceBook friends,  and others. 

If you would like to donate to our e-book efforts on FaceBook and the ads we are buying, do the PayPal below.  Recent ads in Ukraine have led to over 6,000 visits to get the book from Ukraine. We also have run FB ads for our translated versions in the Middle East, Russia, India, Japan, and Spanish-speaking countries. All donations made below will go 100% into FaceBook or other ads for the free e-book version. 

If you still want to hand out print copies, I can highly recommend 'One Second After You Die' by Mark Cahill. You can order Mark's excellent booklet in bulk HERE.

Single print copies of Gravity can still be ordered on link below from Amazon print on demand. 

Gravity's new print version has been reduced in size due to rising costs, but I actually like it more and the changes are not really noticeable. If you would like to review it first go HERE. Order copies below. 


Also, remember you can DOWNLOAD GRAVITY TO YOUR FRIENDS SMARTPHONE. A popular way to share Gravity with friends and family or your entire church membership is to grab their smartphone, Kindle or laptop and download a free copy of Gravity on it. Most young people prefer e-books and love to look at their phones. E-books are already outselling print copies and this will only grow. Download the e-book free HERE. While you are there give Gravity a review.

A Few Amazon Reviews


5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome resource


This book was concise, easy to read and so very helpful to me! I ordered it on my kindle and then went to the website and ordered 20 copies to hand out to friends and family.



4.0 out of 5 stars Good Logical Appeal for Theism


This book is a good starting place for anyone interested in apologetics. The best part for me was the extensive sources that were sited throughout. 



5.0 out of 5 stars very concise book on apologetics


This book is great place to start for anyone struggling with the secular view verses God's view of how we all came into existence.



5.0 out of 5 stars Fact-finding, 


This is a fact-finding book that takes the reader step by step to discover how to have Jesus in your heart and why it is so important. 


We are however asking for donations to cover our costs now and for future printings and postage. Gravity is being used on college campuses by the Navigators, in over 1300 prisons and on the street in general. Gravity's size is not overwhelming and it provides detailed evidence without going too deep. This makes it perfect to build up the faith of young and old believers while equipping them to defend their belief with reason, logic, evidence and common sense. It is also ideal for skeptics. 
The standard minimum order is 10 copies. If ordering more - Please order in multiples of 10 only. Full-color front and back, perfect bound and 112 pages, easy to hand out, easy to read, handy 4.25 x 6.25 size to attract even those that rarely read.
Single copies can still be ordered, print on demand on our Amazon page here. Print on demand is the full online version in a 6 x 9 size.
1) Review actual costs below to help guide you in making a donation. Costs shown include media rate postage and our estimate on pay pal fees and all other costs we have in the packaging and fulfillment house we utilize.

Note: Shipping cost to USA address only. International orders need to email me so we can calculate our added cost for you to consider when offering a donation.


# Copies/donation for each order includes media rate shipping to you.











130/Equals One Full Box - $130.00 - Weighs 24lbs.



MAKE SURE YOU ORDER ONE OF THE LISTED ORDER SIZES. These are the only sized orders we will ship with the exception of orders with multiple boxes of 130. Multiple boxes of 130 will still be $130 per box. My suggestion is to order more than you think you need.  Due to printing in volume, all the prices are very reasonable but the box of 130 is the best deal. Give everyone in your church a copy to read to strengthen their faith with instructions to pass it on when they are done. You can always leave copies at places like doctor's offices, laundry mats, campground libraries, etc. One copy left with the binding out on top of a gas pump led to 2,700 being given out at a large Christian event for evangelism. One of our very best emails came from a person who found a copy that had been dropped by accident in a parking lot. I think it fell out of the pocket in my car door where I always keep some. That message is the first one below this order section if you would like to read it.


Media rate postage will take about 5 - 7 days to arrive at your location in the USA, slightly slower around Christmas. For orders outside of the USA, contact me first. If you can donate more, that's great as it will help cover those that cannot and will help with free giveaways that we often do.  For example, we have placed 8,500 copies in prisons at no cost along with countless other locations. All monies go back into the ministry. 
2) Make a donation using the PayPal Donate button below to cover the cost of your book order. You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card.  We do not make any profit on these orders and in the end, we have a great deal out of pocket. We are just trying to cover our costs the best we can (printing, storage, fulfillment and postage) to recirculate the funds.
This donation IS NOT tax-deductible. We are NOT a non-profit entity. I doubt that it would be tax-deductible even if we were a non-profit since you are receiving something of value in return for your donation. 


3) Next send us a message with this contact form. Tell us the number of books you want and your shipping information. Media mail CAN go to PO boxes, your home or office.


Tell us where you found a copy of Gravity too. If you found it on Amazon, please go back and write a review there for us HERE.

Your details were sent successfully!

Found a Copy in A Parking Lot

"Recently, I have become increasingly aware of the battle that is raging in our culture, and the modern-day persecution of Christians that takes place every day in online discussions and on comment boards about a variety of subjects in which Christians are viciously attacked, ridiculed and scoffed at for expressing their views. A few weeks ago this reached a point where I was praying diligently and asking God to provide confirmation to me that I was, in fact, speaking truth, and to provide me with answers and materials that would help me fight this battle. One night two weeks ago, I was having dinner with a trusted Christian friend, I had shared this struggle and my faith that God would provide me what I needed. As we were walking back to my car, right there on the ground in front of my car was your book. I picked it up and sensed immediately that this book was left there for me. I took it back to my hotel room and read the entire thing. It was literally as if God put all the information I had been seeking right there in one place, and left it at my feet. I have no idea who dropped that book there or whether they knew their purpose in doing so at that place and moment in time - but I have no doubt it was left for me by the Lord in answer to my seeking Him out in this way. I don't know what is next in this journey for me, but I do know that I will use the information in your book as I continue to share my faith with unbelievers. Your book has saved me hours, days, weeks, even months or years of research to find what you have put in one place. I cannot thank you enough! And I thought you might want to know that God is using your work to help me do mine. May God continue to bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless others through you." Lisa T.   


5.0 out of 5 stars No need to apologize for these apologetics


5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it


Loved it, I would recommend this book to anyone who has serious questions about Christianity and how it applies to all of us.




4.0 out of 5 stars GREAT AND EASY READ!!!


This book was an easy read, yet the material addressed some deep philosophical thoughts. Michael Edwards does an awesome job of showing that truth is above any religion or ideology... 



5.0 out of 5 stars Great


I really enjoy reading a wonderfully informative book that put a great spin on improving my life. this is a must read book.



5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome book.

This work has great insights and illustrations applicable to everyone's life. The truth about God, Jesus, and the destination of our souls should be the most important concern.



5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful Tool for Evangelism


Gravity, True For You But Not For Me is a small quick read but packed with powerful truth. The author, Michael Edwards states, "It's not about religion, it's about truth. 


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