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How Gravity Can Help Your Church Body, Building Faith and Making Disciples

"If false, Christianity is an irrelevant hoax. If true, Christianity is the most important fact for every human being. This little book concisely shows you why Christianity is true and what that means for you. No fluff, just the facts!" Dr. Frank Turek author/co-author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

"Just got through reading Gravity again. It's truly the best resource I own...period. It has to be your greatest accomplishment. What an unbelievable encouragement for the born again Christian and at the same time challenge the most hardened unbeliever. Thank you for this gift and your articles regularly sent to me. My siblings love your articles." Lawrence 




My name is Michael Edwards. I have been an evangelist for several years witnessing directly to thousands of people. I wrote Gravity so I could share what was on my heart, share the truth and give people a chance to make a reasonable choice.


Gravity has been out since 2012 and is well tested bringing many to Christ while at the same time renewing and encouraging the faith of many believers. With the use of objective evidence, Gravity helps the believer realize how little faith they need to believe while it gives them great faith at the same time. This is the foundation to build disciples. Many believers who have read Gravity and have never shared their faith, have gone on to purchase print copies at our cost so they too can share the good news. Confidence that our faith is placed in the truth, fights doubt and increases boldness for Christ. One of the best ways for a church to use Gravity is to have the members read a print copy with their family and then hand it out to someone they know needs Christ, asking the person to discuss it with them when they are done.

After initially giving each member a free copy to read and hand out, one idea is to keep copies in stock at your church and offer them to members for a $1.00 or more per copy

to continue passing them out. Some will hand out many. 


No cost option. Gravity is also free as an e-book and many today prefer e-books. Feel free to place a link on your website and in your church bulletin and offer Gravity free to your members.


Gravity contains information that church members and especially our youth need to know to defend the faith, combat doubt and keep the faith. They need to understand how reasonable the Christian faith is and the objective evidence that supports it as the truth. Gravity provides this information in an easy to read format with hundreds of great on and offline reviews. 


Gravity seeks and saves the lost.

"Hi Michael, I was given a copy by a friend about two years ago when I told them I didn’t believe but had an encounter with what I now know was the Holy Spirit prior to reading the book.  After reading your book, and being that I’m a cop, the evidence was compelling so the choice became easy. Thank you for being a big part of saving my life and seeing the truth about Jesus. My life has drastically changed for the better!!! I’ve handed out many of your books already, and can hardly wait to give more away! Thank you sir!! And God bless!"

"Mike, I hope things are going well for you and your ministry. Your book continues to be a big hit with the inmates. I love how a well written and thought out apologetics can take away a person's intellectual excuses. Then they are faced with the truth of the gospel and what Jesus has done for each of us. This is what your book accomplishes and does it well. I've found old tattered copies of your book with inmates signatures in the back with the dates they made commitments to follow Christ. As always God bless you, your brother in Christ Gordon"

"Just read your book for the second time and thought I would check out your website. Thank you for writing the book and opening my eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate what you have done. It was just what I was looking for." Dr. Steven Pray – My doctor at the time.


"This book starts from scratch and then builds upon sound logic and evidence to prove to anyone that God does exist and that he created what we know as life. I personally have always known that a God exists and that was only strengthened when I went to medical school to become a physician. The world we live in is quick to dismiss God and many intelligent minded people eventually throw in the towel when they don't like what they see in the world around them. This book sparked a new interest in learning the truth about God. This book establishes the fundamentals of believing in God."


Gravity Builds Faith and Makes Disciples

Doubt is the biggest reason Christians walk away from the faith. Let us help you build disciples and fulfill the great commission. Let us help you combat doubt in the body of Christ. My only goal with Gravity is to help grow the body of Christ, to seek and save the lost and to build faith in God's promises for believers. Gravity builds faith in believers by showing them how little faith they need to believe while giving them great faith at the same time. Gravity helps make disciples.


"For anyone on the fence, backsliding, or doubtful this book clarifies misunderstandings, perceived contradictions, and outright lies. I was led to read this book at a time when I thought I was over Jesus, but truth defeat lies every time and never forsakes the believer.” Amazon review


"Recently, I have become increasingly aware of the battle that is raging in our culture, and the modern-day persecution of Christians that takes place every day in online discussions and on comment boards about a variety of subjects in which Christians are viciously attacked, ridiculed and scoffed at for expressing their views. A few weeks ago this reached a point where I was praying diligently and asking God to provide confirmation to me that I was, in fact, speaking truth, and to provide me with answers and materials that would help me fight this battle. One night two weeks ago, I was having dinner with a trusted Christian friend, I had shared this struggle and my faith that God would provide me what I needed. As we were walking back to my car, right there on the ground in front of my car was your book. I picked it up and sensed immediately that this book was left there for me. I took it back to my hotel room and read the entire thing. It was literally as if God put all the information I had been seeking right there in one place, and left it at my feet. I have no idea who dropped that book there or whether they knew their purpose in doing so at that place and moment in time - but I have no doubt it was left for me by the Lord in answer to my seeking Him out in this way. I don't know what is next in this journey for me, but I do know that I will use the information in your book as I continue to share my faith with unbelievers. Your book has saved me hours, days, weeks, even months or years of research to find what you have put in one place. I cannot thank you enough! And I thought you might want to know that God is using your work to help me do mine. May God continue to bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless others through you." Lisa T. (Book probably fell out of my door pocket in a parking lot and God used it. Maybe, God took it out and tossed it on the ground for Lisa. :)

"I first discovered your book as a free kindle download at a time when I was struggling with justifying my belief in Christ.  I wanted to believe, but it was difficult to rationalize my faith to my "inner skeptic."  I began listening to a lot of John Warwick Montgomery lectures--which helped, but your book finally made things concrete. 


Your book is certainly a blessing and has equipped me with an argumentative framework to justify my faith in the midst of nonbelievers. 


My wife is homeschooling our children and tutoring others; I ordered these hardcopies for her to distribute to the kids to arm them with the truth, which will enable them to defend their faith before a secular world.


Thanks for writing such a clear and concise work and for distributing it at cost.  Were it not for the free download, I likely would have passed it over and missed out on such a wonderful foundation to justify my faith.  I hope it will bring them the conviction that it brought me."


Free e-book HERE.  


Remember our no cost option - place an ad and link to Gravity in your church bulletin and website, encouraging your members to get the free e-book. 


Order print copies at our cost HERE.


Blessings to you in Christ, Michael

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